ArtIvoSi art collection by Ivo de Lange

Welcome to ArtIvoSi

My name is Ivo de Lange.

For many years I passionately ran a successful art gallery in the Netherlands. Due to the global nature of art, I was fortunate enough to visit many creative places around the world. But after many blissful years the thought grew that it was time to hand it over to the next generation. Art should always keep renewing ... so I proudly handed the gallery over to my energetic children.

I thought I was done with it, but the beauty of art kept on attracting me. With that in mind, I hereby present ARTIVOSI… a new challenge and digital place where passion, creativity and beauty come together in an artistic way.

The unique collection

This collection was collected by me for the past 40 years, now it is time to depart from these earthly, but special, possessions. With beautiful works of art from renowned artist like Armando, Sergio Boccaccio, Perez Celis, Salvador Dali, Fransisco Ruiz, Juhani Palmu, Peter Klashorst and The Real McCoy.

Invest in art

So for all you art lovers, investors and collectors out there. This is your chance to buy a unique piece of history. Take your time, look around and feast your eyes…and contact me when you are seriously interested in a solid investment.

From single pieces to the complete unique collections. For short digital enjoyment or purchase to enjoy longer.


Ivo de Lange